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Nella Lesbian Sex


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Nella Lesbian Sex Nella Lesbian Sex Nella Lesbian Sex

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Nella Lesbian Sex Nella Lesbian Sex Nella Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex Story:
It all began last Sunday morning. The sun streamed through the white chiffon curtains on our bedroom window and warmed random places on our bodies. Brilliant gyrating and ever changing light events blasted around the room from the crystals she has hanging in the windows. Her warm and supple body against mine gave off such a gentle scent that filled my senses with pleasure and deep satisfaction. The perfume of her body lotion fading but strong in random and mysterious whiffs, mingled with her natural scent and mine. She stirred and made quiet little sounds of happiness and satisfaction as her eyes opened slowly and she rolled slightly toward me. Our lips met as they often do in a sleepy and lingering good morning kiss. Cate rolled to face me and our clingy moist skin peeled apart where our legs had been entwined and my tummy was pressing against her lower back. We were just wearing panties and no tops and we snuggled together so our breasts nestled. Smiles, sleepy creased cheeks and shoulders, and dreamy looks into each other's eyes melted into the deeper urgency of another kiss.

"I missed you last night." Cate murmured after she pulled back from our kiss.

"I waited up for your cute little ass until one in the morning baby because I was so horny for you!" she scolded me teasingly before slipping her hand down to my lower back to press me into her as she kissed me again.

Between kisses I whispered to her, "I want you!" "I want to make slow and passionate love with you because I wanted you last night, and I imagined us together this morning, and I'm so, so, so, sooooooo sorry I was late last night."

We snuggled closer and I slipped my leg between hers as she pressed and wiggled herself against my thigh and squeezed it with her legs. Gentle and increasingly urgent breath flowed between us as we kissed and our fingers trailed caresses over the others soft skin. Cate's palm came to rest on my shoulder and she pushed gently, urging me onto my back. Now her hair fell over my face as she kissed down my neck from my chin sending thrilling little tingles down my neck and over my breasts. Her lips felt like warm, wet, velvety snails crawling over my skin and sucking gently. I trembled in pleasure as the wet trail chilled in the air and her lips pressed my breast and move in a circle closing around my nipple. Cate pressed her tongue between her lips pressed to me and swirled it as she slowly moved closer to my throbbing nipple. I arched my chest up to her mouth and squirmed in pleasure as she teased me. Closing in on my nipple and moving away again. This went on and on, and I trailed my short nails over her back in long tickly strokes like streamers. She shivered and moaned.

It was unbearable. It was so thrilling. It was so deeply pleasurable as I slipped deeper and deeper into the feeling growing inside me. She still had not taken my nipple in her kiss yet. Still stroking her back and shoulders I slipped my left hand to my left breast and started to pinch and roll my nipple. Cate instantly reached and took my wrist and pinned it to the pillow beside my head. She did the same with my other hand. Her kisses moved above my breasts and down between them and then circled to my other one. I was floating on a cloud of sensation building inside me and making me feel weightless. The sensation felt warm and tingly and spread through me, down my belly, through my now moist pussy and all the way to my toes. I was one tingling being of totally pleasurable feeling. My breath came in gentle sighs as the feeling rose inside me.

When her warm wet lips finally circled in on my nipple, never coming away from my skin, her firm hot tongue tip swirled around and around it.

Moaning, I just said, "Yes, yes, YES!" And then it happened.

My nipple stood out hard and proud and when her tongue flicked up and down over it, the feeling was like cold electric shocks running from my nipple, through my breast which felt like it was vibrating and down into my tummy. I felt warm ripples inside me and my pussy tensed with the first little orgasm. My fists clenched and I gasped. Cate continued to move in torturously slow kisses from breast to breast and nipple to nipple as small thrilling orgasms moved down through me.

I don't remember much in between, but the next thing I remember was the feeling of her wet and velvety kisses trailing over my tummy and up and down my thighs along the edges of my panties. As I moved my hips in slow and gentle movements in response to her kisses, I felt the most divine slipping feeling of my lips all wet and rubbing together inside my very damp panties. I was still swimming in a warm cloud of ecstasy; my eyes clenched shut and sighing, when she quickly removed my panties. Cate moved between my legs which I spread for her, and as she stroked my legs up and down my calves and over and under my thighs, she slipped her arms under my legs and around so her palms came to rest on my tummy and her breath was warm on my pussy and inner thighs.

The tension doubled. The feelings remained intense but somehow seemed less accessible or even trapped inside me. My hips squirmed with increasing urgency as she played the same kissing and teasing game between my legs. Oh the feeling of that sexy snail trail kissing over my inner thigh and up and down beside my lips in that tender musky crease where the panties snuggle up was driving me to the edge, but no further. Her mouth moved over to my other thigh and did the same. Slowly feeling her tongue now trailing over my skin and down to almost touch my pouting lips, and the frosty tingle of the air behind each movement sent chills through me.

Then it happened. Without even realizing it, I was so far away in a dreamy pleasure state, I felt her mouth closing over my lips and her tongue pushed between them to the hot wet folds of my flower. Her soft and insistent tongue glided up and down each side of my pussy, teasing the wrinkled little opening and moving up again. Each time her tongue getting closer and closer to my clitty. Waves of constrained feeling and pleasurable ripples moved up and down my body the close she came to my clit. I felt like never before. I felt strangely exposed and naked and excitingly vulnerable. I had always felt really safe making love with a woman and especially with Cate. Now I believe it was the torturously slow and agonizingly teasing way she was pleasuring me that caused this feeling. And, never before had I felt this pent up pleasure feeling like I was never going to have release.

I felt her fingers slip inside my lips as her mouth moved past my clit and onto my tummy just over my little tuft. Pressing firm warm kisses there as she gently pushed her fingers inside me. I clenched in rippling waves on them and she slipped them up inside my lips and then spread me open around my clitty. Moaning and gasping as her mouth finally closed over my clitty. Intense rolling and quivering waves fluttered up and down and through me.

Cate closed her mouth over my clit. Gentle suction drew the tip from the hood and her tongue lightly fluttered over it in a gentle and steady pulse. Squeals and soft gasping screams sounded somewhere in the misty distance as I fell further and further into nothing but the most romantic and thrilling feelings. As her steady pulsing flickering tongue sent explosive bolts of pleasure up into my belly and down through my insides and my inner thighs and to my very toes, I started to feel the rolling beginning of a really big orgasm. My hips were really bucking and squirming, and as my hands reached to gently urge her away from my throbbing clit, she grabbed my wrists and held them tight to my sides as she pushed her mouth down on me with almost angry force. I couldn't get her off my clit.

The panic and feeling of desperation and vulnerability swelled as the pleasure built inside me. Her mouth covering my clit, the wetness chilling my skin either side and I screamed and screamed and screamed. I thought I was going to die, the feelings pounding through my clit actually hurt but she wouldn't stop. She just kept on and on swirling and flicking her tongue on my bulging and throbbing button.

Then it happened. With suddenness, the dam broke and years and years of almost pleasure trapped inside me exploded in ear splitting screams. The painful throbs of my clit turned to the most amazing bolts of pure pleasure. I couldn't breathe. I felt myself falling in total blackness, only feeling the most amazing release. Throbbing, rolling waves clenched my body and sudden electric shocks made me twitch, jerk and quiver in the most fulfilling release ever.

The next thing I remember clearly was seeing her face, blushing and wet and hearing her sudden laughter. I was beyond any of that still gasping and moaning as my orgasm continued. Then the emotion rose to erupt in great sobs and I cried and cried.

I don't know if I will ever again feel this way. I don't think it can happen again in the same way. There was years of release in one momentous and explosive hour culminating in the last 20 minutes with my birth into my new life. How can I ever explain to Cate how important it was for me and how deeply inside me she has reached and how deeply she has become embedded in my soul? We snuggled then and I tried to tell her what it meant. What she meant. What I felt that was like never before.

She smiled and we kissed again and she drew back and whispered, "I know." "Nicole, I know."

We then cuddled and kissed and made love until afternoon. The feeling fading but never leaving, and somehow it grew deeper between us as we made love that Sunday. That is for another time perhaps even another chapter.