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Lesbian Sex Story:
As I sucked on the clit of a redheaded woman who I'd met only an hour before, I thought of Marcel and smiled. He would have loved to see me with another woman. Too fucking bad he blew it. His loss, I shrugged as I licked her pussy like a bowl of milk.

Trouble had been brewing for a couple of months. The night Marcel left me to go back to his ex-wife I was on my way to polishing off half a bottle of tequila and having myself a pity party. That's when my girlfriend Lindsey dropped by and saved me from myself. "Girl, you need a good fucking to help you forget about Marcel," she said.

I rolled my eyes. "A man is the last thing I need," I replied.

"Who said anything about men?" Lindsey asked with a wicked grin. She knew that I was bi-curious but until now too chickenshit to do anything about it.

"Oh, why not?" I sighed.

"Yeah!" Lindsey exclaimed. "Clean yourself up. We're going to a party."

I put on clothes and make-up and was out the door in 30 minutes. I peppered Lindsey with questions on the drive to the party. Her only response was "you'll see." Soon we were parking in the grassy lot behind a nice little house. As we walked to the front door I noticed that all the blinds were down and the curtains closed for privacy. Somehow, knowing I was entering a clandestine world made my pussy tingle.

Lindsey took me by the hand and led me inside. Women in all manner of negligee sat around in easy chairs and sofas like items on a menu. A pussy buffet. My nipples were getting hard and my cunt was a-tingling again. I caught the eye of a voluptuous redhead and she winked at me. I blushed a deep crimson.

Then Lindsey was introducing me. "Girls, this is Kathy," she said, "and this is her first time at a sex party. Be gentle with her." She squeezed my bottom. "At first, anyway," she added with a laugh. Then she released her grip on my hand and joined a brunette woman on a love seat.

A blonde woman came up and gave me a friendly hug. Maybe it was the tequila in my veins, but I thought 'what the hell' and kissed her. To my pleasant surprise, she kissed me back. Kissing her gave me a liberating, exhilarating feeling. As we kissed I expected to hear gasps of shock for some reason but everyone acted like me kissing a woman was the most natural thing in the world.

When we eventually broke our kiss the blonde introduced herself as Kristen. "Pleased to meet you," I grinned. Kristen gave me a tour of the house. Watching her move, I became highly aroused. At the end of the tour I couldn't hold back anymore so I looked Kristen in the eye, took her hands in mine and placed them on my C-cup breasts. To my pleasant surprise she didn't pull back but began kneading them gently as she came closer until our faces were inches apart. I pulled her closer and we kissed deeply, our tongues dancing together. And then we were on the king-sized bed, making out like naughty schoolgirls.

God, I was in heaven. I had ached for this moment so long that all my pent-up passion for pussy came spilling out. I stripped in nothing flat before sliding down to Kristen's conch and began licking, my tongue a tornado. My hands reached up to grasp her hips. Her hands reached for mine and then our fingers were intertwined while I ate her pussy. Kristen let out small ecstatic cries.

Though I had never gone down on a woman before, I was surprised how naturally it came to me. And how much I enjoyed doing it. I could do this for days, I thought. It wasn't just the feel of Kristen's satiny hot box against my mouth that thrilled me; it was also the power I felt in being able to make her squirm in pleasure.

Apparently, I was good at cunnilingus—not to toot my own horn, mind you—but soon Kristen's breathing was coming harder and faster and her thighs were clamping around my head. "Oh!" she cried out, her hands clenching mine in a deathgrip.

When Kristen's orgasm subsided, she tugged me up to her bosom. Her hands stroked my hair. "Are you sure you've never been with a woman before?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes," I laughed.

"You are one hell of a fast learner, then," she said.

I glowed with pride. And something else—horniness. I had to orgasm but soon. Kristen seemed to sense my need because she rolled me onto my back, gave me a quick peck on the lips and kissed her way to my throbbing treasure box. She didn't start out uberlicking me like I licked her, though. She started out slow, licking long swaths. Her hands massaged my tits.

When I was cooing in ecstasy Kristen picked up the pace. Her fingers slid down and into my coochie, sliding two digits in and out. "F-f-f-fuck," I moaned and Kristen kicked out the jams. Her fingers were flying and she was sucking on my clitty, evoking loud cries from me.

My eyes until then had been closed. When I felt two mouths sucking on my nipples, I opened them to see the redhead and another woman working on my tits. "Oh, sweet Jesus," I moaned. My first orgasm of the evening crashed through me like a bull in a china shop. The three of us sucked and fucked like crazy for the next couple of hours. Other women joined us until we were a mass of hot, writhing bodies. I lost count of how many times I came. I felt totally at home. The hell with Marcel. This was the life.